X-Press Demand

Overdue Notice

Our X-Press Demand Program is an effective tool to lower cost and allow the customer to pay an account before they are contacted by an Account Representative. Any payment received during the Demand period is credited to the account at no charge, even if the account is paid in full! Once the Demand period expires, the remaining balance transfers to an Account Representative.

The X-Press Demand is perfect for accounts that need a softer approach; or when you think a letter from a collection agency may prompt payment. Clients can choose to have all their accounts, or just some of them go through the Demand program. Accounts less than 180 days old and have a good mailing address have the best success.

Payment Flow chart

The best thing about this program… It’s absolutely FREE!

Why Use X-Press Demand

  • Best for accounts needing
    a “soft approach”
  • Ideal for consumers that
    may have overlooked their
    past due balance
  • Perfect for patients that
    didn’t pay their copay or
    meet their deductible
  • Intervention of a third-party
    without collection calls

Benefits Of The Program

  • Custom 14-day or 30-day program
  • Balance automatically transfers to
    Account Representatives when
    program is complete
  • It’s free! No commission charged
    on payments received during
    the program

Recommended For:

  • Accounts under 180 days old
  • Services or balances not in
  • Consumers with a valid address

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