Utility Collections

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Have you had someone skip out on paying their last utility bill? Many times, a consumer will move and may forget to call and shut off their electric, water or other utility service. They may not provide a forwarding address, so their final bill gets returned as undeliverable.

Utility providers may not have the time or resources available to track down where someone moved in order to make sure they received their final bill. Express Collections can help with this. Our office has access to premium skiptracing resources to help locate the “lost” consumer. County records and vehicle registrations can discover a better mailing address. Locating relatives, neighbors or previous employers can assist in re-establishing communication with your customer so we can help get the debt resolved. Our Account Representatives can help facilitate dispute resolutions when there are issues between renters and landowners.

Sometimes your customer will move back into your service area and will need to pay the previous owed bill so they can establish new service. We can customize a collection program that addresses the needs of utility reconnects to properly handle this situation.


  • Electric
  • Water/Sewer
  • Gas/Propane
  • Waste Management
  • City Municipal
  • Phone/Cell Services
  • Cable/TV
  • Internet
  • And MORE!

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