What do our clients say about Express Collections?

“The staff at Express Collections has given us exceptional service. They have been helpful with conveying their knowledge of various tools that can be used within our organization before we assign an account for collections. They have done a good job collecting on accounts that we have placed with them and highly recommend them for the service they provide.”

 ~ Black Hills Surgery Center

“This is a company I can recommend with complete confidence. They have repeatedly exceeded my expectations which makes me feel fortunate to have them working on our  behalf.”

~ Knology (Now Vast Broadband)

“Express Collections treats our patients as people and not just another delinquent account… we are also very please with their turn-around time.”

~ Area Dental Associates

“The previous collection agency we were using was producing minimal results so we decided to give Express Collections a try… In a short time, they doubled the collection percentage the other company was producing”

~ Spearfish Eye Care

“The knowledgeable staff at Express Collections has done an incredible job handling our accounts. We couldn’t ask for better customer service!”

~ GreenPoint Credit

“The entire staff at Express Collections is AMAZING!  I have dealt with other collection agencies in the past and I have never had service like I do with them.  They are constantly in contact with me and I am constantly receiving checks.  Thank you for not letting me slip through the cracks.  You guys rock!!”

~ Big Horn Dental

The Property Management company that I work for has been using Express Collections since 2014. At that time we were also using 2 other collection agencies, but after about one year we switched the majority of our accounts over to Express. This was due to a number of reasons. Their staff is always friendly, knowledgeable, quick to respond, and more than willing to find out answers to any questions we may have. I had no collection experience when I started at my current job, but Express walked me through step by step, making the entire process so easy! We have only had to go to court once for an account with Express while I have been here, but they handled everything. During court they were very organized, well informed of the account and very impressive overall. Most importantly, they have a great success rate with collecting on debts!
ally minkel
I had the pleasure of working at ECI for over three years under wonderful management and alongside great staff. They are passionate about maintaining a healthy relationship with not only clients, but consumers, while being able to mediate when necessary. The owners of this company are truly compassionate and treat their staff like family. They built this company on respect, and show respect to anyone that walks in the door, whether its a client, consumer, or staff; which in my opinion, makes this company unlike any other collection agency I've worked with before in all the right ways. The owners have grown this business into a great company and a great place to work based on their ethics and values.
Sarah Richards
As a former employee of ECI, I’m happy to have experienced working here. The business owners care about their clients, employees and consumers. Unlike most collection agencies, employees were trained to treat consumers like human beings, as we should, rather than bully them into paying their bills. The morale in the company is better than anywhere I have ever worked and everyone works together as a team. Amazing place and amazing people to work for and with.
Sarah C
Wonderful environment to work in. I really feel like I'm making a difference with the business's in my community. We're helping people to better understand their financial obligations and work through finding solutions. We help keep commerce running and hopefully help keep prices consistent by returning what would otherwise be lost income. I feel very valued in my job, not just from the people I work with, but with the clients we serve.
Jennifer Meier
I was hired at Express Collections in 2013. I worked there for 6 years. They hired me with little experience and helped me grow to be the professional I am today! I watched what it truly means to be a reputable company. The owners of Express Collections treat their staff like family, and expect you to treat their clients with nothing but respect. As a sales representative I was able to help coach, teach and direct the Customer Service Representatives and learned from the top that all consumers are treated with respect from day one. Even when the consumer is not so nice to the Representatives, they handle themselves with a taught expertise that is second to none. The staff and management at Express Collections deserve nothing but respect! They are all truly missed! I believe in Express Collections services so much that I have turned over a personal judgment for them to collect and business accounts! Hire this company if you want your debts handled with professionalism and promptness.
Dawn Martinez
Great value
Jerry D Howell II
Kenzie is really great! I had a few bills get left behind due change of address and phone number for personal reasons. So I never knew I was missing some bills, when they did get ahold of me they were nothing but great and understanding. I told them my situation and that I was in the process of moving again. I work full time but still go to school so I didn't have a lot to put towards my payment, but they were just happy I was making an effort. Every Friday I call to put a little down and if I forget to call Kenzie checks in with me the following Monday. I don't owe a huge amount but I have other bills I have to stay on top of they completely understand that! No one likes to hear from a debt collector but everyone there is great, especially Kenzie! She really does take the time to help you and she understands that life happens. Honestly one of the best experiences I've ever had.
Hailey Crowe
We had used two other services in Gillette and had poor responses as we are a smaller client. When we started with Express Collections we took back accounts that had been listed for 4-7 years with the other companies and Express Collection recovered 80% of them in less than 1 year. Our current accounts with them are followed up on very quickly and the office is user friendly both by email and telephone. Dawn stops in or calls frequently to see if we have any concerns or questions. It does not seem to matter how much or how many claims we have we are treated with importance. This was the best move we made at Clear Creek Counseling.
Ginny Oedekoven
Absolutely the best experience we've ever had with a collection agency! As a company, we don't need these services very often, and when faced with it in the past, it's always been a frustrating and expensive process for us. Thank you, Dawn Martinez, for handling our account quickly and efficiently... and painlessly! The TEAM at Disaster Recovery, Gillette: Derek, Terry and Bernadette Powell
Bernie Powell

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