Member Advantages

Here are some advantages to becoming a client of Express Collections:


At Express Collections, we are all about efficiency and security. Not only do we want to collect on your account in a time-saving, professional manner, we also want you to feel comfortable from the very start. Our secure online method for turning over accounts is top-notch and easily accessible. The listing form allows clients to quickly and easily list an account for collections. It offers an area to enter all personal and contact information for your consumer and possible co-signer, all pertinent account information, choose whether you would like to take advantage of our X-Press Demand Program, choose whether or not to report to the credit bureaus, and add additional information such as small claims details, relatives, assets, etc. More than anything, we want you to feel comfortable when you place an account for collection with us. Your feeling of security and assurance are a huge priority.


Clients can request Debtor Status Reports, Past Invoices and Custom Reports. A Debtor Status Report will list your accounts by name, account number, listing date, original balance, amount paid, current balance, and current status. Our goal is to keep you as up to date as you want to be. Although it’s now our job to collect on the debt, the ultimate goal is to satisfy you. Answering your questions and keeping you as involved in the process as you want to be is important to us. This report can be requested to contain all accounts listed to date, only accounts between a specified date range, or only accounts that are currently active. Copies of past invoices can be requested and will reflect accounts that had payment activity during the specified period. Finally, Custom Reports can be requested to contain other specified information.


It’s important to us that our clients be kept updated on the ever-changing laws that apply to the practice of debt collection. Not only to we have to stay on top of things, we want to make sure you’re right there with us. One of the ways we can do that is by providing our clients with information about the ebbs and flows in the legal business. We give our clients instant access to current legal policies and contracts including HIPAA, Red Flag, FDCPA, FCRA, and SCRA. All forms will be available for direct download at any time.


Through our online access, clients can view their accounts placed with our office for collection. They can compare the balance owing, report payments and view payment history. They can also check account status, address and phone number information. If a client receives updated information, or if they have an address correction, they can send us a “recommended change” to the account profile.