List Account

Accounts can be placed for collection by using one of the listing options below:

      1. Use our on-line placement system:clientloginIf you are already a client and have established your Client ID, User Name, and Password, you can procede to our Client Login to list your accounts!becomeclientIf you are not a client and would like to establish an account, complete the “Become a Client” information form and a Client ID, User Name, and Password will be sent to you in addition to a fee agreement.
      2. If you prefer not to list on-line, you can download our standard listing sheet (click here) or our input-ready Adobe listing sheet (click here) and e-mail, fax, or mail the form to our office.
      3. You can also submit your own forms (copies of statements, ledger cards, or computer print-outs) – or –

    send us an Excel spreadsheet with your customers information (download sample).  To ensure maximum results, include as much information about your customer as possible!

Note –

    1. Only accounts listed on-line through our secure Client Login (option #1) are guaranteed immediate placement. If you use a listing sheet or submit your own forms (options #2 & #3), the accounts will be placed for collection within 48 hours.