Direct Action

Accounts placed in Direct Action receive immediate attention from a collector.

Although our approach is not overly aggressive, it is extremely persuasive. Our collectors are trained to use the most ethical forms of collection as provided by the Fair Debt Collections Practices Act. Our collectors are assigned a third less accounts than the average collection agency. This assures that accounts are given the time and attention needed to increase recovery and avoid the skimming process.

Consumers are encouraged to pay off the account in full as quickly as possible. Our collectors listen to their needs and work with them to find the best possible solution to achieve this.

Our office uses premium skiptracing sites to aid in the process of relocating the missing consumer. These resources can provide us with possible new location information based on a consumer’s social security number or previous address history. Our collectors will attempt to contact relatives, neighbors, previous employers and other contacts to try and locate the individual.

Our office also has the capability to report accounts to a consumer’s credit bureau. This account option will make the debt more of a priority for the consumer. If the consumer moves and attempts to apply for a line of credit, they will be referred back to our office. Our office follows all Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) laws and guidelines.

Should the consumer fail to make adequate payment arrangements, legal action may become a necessary step. Actions that can be taken on a judgment can consist of an execution to the sheriff, garnishment of wages, or a bank levy. Our collectors will look for assets and employment information to help with recovery if a judgment is obtained.