How do you contact the accounts to facilitate collection?

Collection methods can vary significantly depending on a host of factors.
Upon receipt of placements, Express Collections will send you an acknowledgment for your file. The debtor is also notified in writing that the account has been referred to Express Collections and unless the debt is disputed, payment should be made to avoid any further collection activity.
Once a collector is assigned, a variety of measures can be taken such as, request for payment in full, formal payment agreements, skip tracing, and legal action. (please note - Express Collections will not file litigation within the first 30 days after receiving an account). Our goal upon receiving your placements is to attempt to locate and contact the consumer including those who can no longer be reached at the address or phone number given. This is further enhanced by our in-house skip tracing technology. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a quick resolution to your collection problem.
All accounts are sent a "Validation of Debt Notice" as required by the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). We then focus the next steps of collection using systematic and timely telephone contact. We believe that a telephone call has 10 times greater impact than a letter. Our staff will attempt to call the consumer during the day, evening, and weekends in order to collect your accounts. As one can imagine, with continuous verbal communication we are able to collect on debt more effectively.

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